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8 reasons why eating soups is good for you

Soups is a quick and easy comfort food, regardless is it cold or hot outside. But, soup does well to your body (and to your soul)

Here are soups amazing powers


1. It warms you up

Soup increases your core temperature so you get warm from inside out. 

If you struggle to stay comfortable in cool weather, though, the trick to warm fingers and toes might lie in a bowl of soup. 


2. Make it and forget it

Unlike many entrées, a hearty soup is one of the few main courses that will allow you to toss its ingredients into a Dutch oven and walk away until dinnertime.

Or, you can always order a freshly frozen soup from us (hint hint :-) )


3. You lose weight

Struggling to lose weight?

Have a soup!


People who are well hydrated with soups are more satisfied with their meals and less likely to consume unnecessary calories when they eat.


4. It reduces pain

Chicken soup can't exactly make an illness go away, but there's a reason it's known as a natural home remedy during cold and flu season.

The Mayo Clinic states that chicken soup works as an anti-inflammatory, and it can clear up mucus too. The result, of course, is the alleviation of nasty symptoms.


5. Retains vitamins and minerals


The main difference between making a soup and other ways of preparing vegetables?

You don't get rid of the water in which they were made. 
That vitamin-packed water just becomes part of the savory and delicious broth.


7. Fat: low. Fiber: high


Unless you're going for a cream soup, most soups are full of beans, lean meats, and vegetables.

All these ingredients are known for their low-fat and high-fiber composition, which makes soup a wonderfully healthy meal option.


8. Easy to freeze or to reheat

As if you're not yet convinced, soups transition well from the stove to the freezer and then to the microwave.

Make a giant pot of soup one evening, and you can turn it into a tasty lunch for days to come. 


That's it. Get yourself a soup right now! :-)

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