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7 principles to follow to eat healthy while you're busy

Keeping a healthy diet is difficult enough, and it's even more difficult when you're busy. 

But, fear not, we'll show you 7 ways how to eat well when you're busy


1. Focus on eating well

"A trip of a 1000 miles starts with a first step". As the saying goes, if you want to start eating healthily, you need to decide to do so.

You have to want to do it and the best reason is whatever suits you the best. Fact that summer is coming is usually a good reason. 


2. Organize your grocery list

Are you a grocery grabber? Do you hit the supermarket unprepared and start putting things in the cart willy-nilly?

If so, say goodbye to eating well, especially if you’re busy. Make it a priority to take a few minutes and get organized. Grocery lists are critically important.

Figure out what you’ll be making for the week and write out every ingredient you will need. Cross out what you already have and take that list to the store. You’ll be in and out quick as can be, plus you’ll have avoided all those impulse buys which usually don’t work with your healthy eating plans.


3. Plan your meals

Logically, if you want to become an organized shopper, you should plan your meals ahead. 

Preparation is a key factor in maintaining a healthy diet. “Figure out what your week will look like, where you will be eating, how many meals you will be having at home and make wise restaurant choices when eating in a restaurant. 


4. Quick breakfast is better than no breakfast

Eating breakfast in the morning is important and the only way to make you stick to it is to include having breakfast into your daily routine.

Here are some breakfast suggestions for you

  • Smoothies with protein, you can add protein powder, nuts etc.
  • Muffins. Bake healthy muffins in advance and freeze them. Take one out the night before and it will be ready to eat in the morning. Frozen to preserve freshness (just like our soups :-) )
  • Steamed veggies and boiled eggs
  • Salads. It makes a great summer breakfast with toasted nuts and seeds, beans or sliced eggs
  • Granola, homemade if possible, with chopped apple, walnuts and pumpkin seeds


5. Avoid breakfast bars and shakes from the shop

Why? They come usually packed with sugar.

If you have them in the morning, it will spike your sugar levels and leave you craving unhealthy snacks (often chocolate) the entire day.


6. Eat in moderation when you socialize

Eat something healthy before you go, so you don’t arrive starving. Soups are often a good choice as they will fill you up and expand your stomach, which will give you a satisfaction of being 'full' (Hint -> get nice soups here )

Also, get a plate and fill it once with what you’ll be eating. 


7. Late home and no time for dinner? Eat a soup!

You haven’t eaten dinner and you get home at 10 p.m. Eating late is a common situation for busy people, and sometimes it can’t be avoided. So what should you do? Be prepared and keep a snack on you, like mixed nuts, fruit or homemade granola so when you do get home, you’re not starving.

Soups make the best late-night meal. 




Maintaining a healthy diet isn't a simple task. It takes determination, will power and a firm decision to eat healthy to feel better. These are just some of the tips on how to eat healthy while having a busy schedule. Know some other ones? Run to our Facebook page and let us know!




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