The history of the French Onion soup

French onion soup comes out of an extensive history of Parisian soup making. While there is evidence of different soups the date back to 6000 BC, some of the first restaurant quality soups were developed in Paris. In the year 1765 an entrepreneur opened up a shop called a restaurant and one of the main products that was sold in this restoring shop was a soup. While the first food stored actually be called a restaurant primarily produce soup, it would be the French onion soup that would finally create a recipe that was great for people of all budgets.

The first French onion soup recipe was said to been created by King Louis the XV. This French king at the time supposedly came up with the recipe when he was hunting. The party was trapped in a lodge for some time with very little food and forced to live on champagne, butter and onions which were created into a soup.

Because onions could be easily grown in most types of soils or purchased very cheaply and they had a very long shelf life they were an adept option for soup making.

The first versions of the soup often included the sliced onions fried with animal fats, slow cooked in water and then served with capers and bread. The more modern version included adding salt and pepper, flour as well as cheese for the top.

The modern restaurant quality French onion soup recipe today includes caramelized onions a strong meaty broth as well as traditional gruyere cheese toppings. French onion soup has an illustrious history and although it was created to be something affordable, today it is often served in some of the finest restaurants and with world class international cheeses.