The health benefits of pumpkin soup

Pumpkin cheese soup is a fantastic option for a diet snack or a meal option for your weight loss diet. Overall it is very simple to make, low in calories and high in nutrients. If you are looking for a fantastic soup option for your diet and weight loss program here are some of the benefits you can receive from pumpkin and cheese soup:

  • Eyesight improvements: Pumpkin and cheese soup can contain a vast amount of Vitamin A which helps with your vision and provide you with protection for your eyes. This means that you can not only enhance your eyesight with this soup but preserve your eyesight for the future as well.
  • Weight loss: A small amount of pumpkin soup with light cheese is only 70-80 calories for a one cup serving. It is extremely rich in fiber as well. This is a soup that fills you up even with a small serving, helps you to digest and can help you to shed weight because you will be eating less calories each day.
  • Lowering risk for disease: Pumpkins can play a big role in preventing cancer and other serious diseases. Pumpkins have also been shown to fight off certain types of cancers. This means you can not only prevent disease with pumpkin cheese soup but fight off disease as well.
  • Boosting your energy: Even though this soup is low in calories, it is high in energy. A single cup of pumpkin added to your soup contains more potassium than a full banana. This means your body can balance its electrolytes, recover from a hard work out and have a large amount of energy to get you through the day.
  • Bone health: The light cheese you add to the soup will help to improve your bone health with its high calcium nutrients. Depending on the variety of cheese that you use it is also possible to enjoy this topping with very low calories.

Keep these top benefits in mind as to why you should regularly enjoy pumpkin cheese soup!