The Health and Nutritional Benefits of Clams

Not only are clams delicious on their own, or in a soup, they provide a nutritious and healthy boost to any meal you add them to.

One of the most surprising benefits of clams is their high level of iron. Clams contain so much iron that T-bone steaks and beef liver can't even come close. Three and a half serving of clams or about nine small clams has nearly 24 mg of iron, which is above and beyond the daily recommended dose of iron for adults. Which is great news if you're finding it difficult to reach your daily iron intake. Sadly this is the case for a lot of people, mostly women. However there are rare occurrences of individuals getting too much iron, for these people eating a lot of clams is not recommended. Clams are also a great source of other minerals such as: Phosphorus, zinc, copper, magnesium and selenium.

Clams also lay claim to many heart-healthy fats. They contain a whopping 140 mg of omega-3 fatty acids and though there isn't a formal dietary recommendation on omega-3 intake, there have been studies that show that around 300 to 500 mg per day will help you achieve a good heart health. Some good news for those of you getting sick of taking fish oil every week, you can just add clams to your recipes and get the same benefits.

We all know that protein is essential for healthy living, that's when chicken is so popular. However, clams also qualify as a lean protein, as they can provide up to 20 grams of protein with less than 2 grams of fat in a 3 ounce serving. So, though they pack the same protein punch as chicken they contain many more vitamins and minerals giving them the edge when it comes to health food.

Healthy eating sites have often cited Clam chowder as one of the easiest-to-harvest seafood soups that bring you the best the category provides. Add a garnish of Carrot or Parsley and there you have it, a healthy soup that is delicious and highlights some of the best flavours of summer. Find out more about our Clam Chowder here