The Health and Nutritional Benefits of Chicken

Chicken may be one of the most common soup ingredients out there – it may even be one of the most common ingredients, period – but its reputation as a well-earned. Poultry does not just taste good, it is extremely good for you, as long as it's a lean.

Adding a lot of chicken into your diet can help you not only maintain a healthy weight, but give you the extra edge you need to get in better shape because it has such high protein content. And the protein in poultry lends itself to muscle growth and development. And as if maintaining a healthy body weight and growing muscle mass wasn't enough to make you feel better, chicken is also high in the amino acid tryptophan (not just found in turkeys) which can help increase your serotonin levels which should also help boost your mood, reduce stress and even help you sleep better.

chicken soup

Protein is in the only punch chicken packs, it's also a great source for essential vitamins and minerals. The benefits of which can range from preventing cataracts and skin disorders, regulating digestion, and boosting your body's immunities to things as seemingly mundane as preventing migraines gray hairs and high cholesterol.

When it comes to high cholesterol, red meat such as beef, pork and lamb are the danger meets, one chicken and fish are the safe ones. This is not to say never eat beef, pork or lamb, which is to limit their intake and focus more on chicken to help reduce your chance of heart disease development. There are some studies that show that those who eat chicken and fish have reduced chances of developing colorectal cancer later in life.

All of this is to say chicken really is the mythical food that “tastes good and is good for you.” So, I guess you really can't have your chicken and eat it, too.