How Clam Chowder came about

Although you can find many different types of clam chowder across the world as well as unit across new England/ New York the New England clam chowder is perhaps one of the most historically known Clam chowder varieties.

The clams used in the traditional New England clam chowder are called quahog. The basics of the chatter is that the clams instead replaced the seafood that is traditionally used in a fresh milk fish stew. While the original fish recipe had been around since the French and English settlers made their way to the area, the invention of the clam chowder is still relatively new.

Throughout the east coast of the USA there are different ways to make chowder. In Maine for example clam chowder is made with the use of tomatoes but the New England clam chowder is mostly cream-based.

Clam chowder was used throughout Boston and became a fairly common meal by the year 1836. The most famous restaurant for clam chowder in Boston is the Ye Olde Union oyster House and it still serves as the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the United States.

Clam chowder has made its way into writing as well. There’s an entire chapter of Moby Dick that references a chowder house in Nantucket and the amazing soup that they made.

Clam chowder also has a modern Manhattan style chowder that can be found in New York. This tomato-based clam chowder was created in the year 1939 and it was the subject of controversy throughout Cleveland, and Maine. Bills were actually put in place to make it illegal to add tomatoes to traditional New England clam chowder but they have since been revoked.

While Clam chowder has been the topic of controversy, literary works and a staple of people adapting to a new world, it is still a delicious item that you can find and make for a great meal today!