How broccoli can make you healthy

The little green trees that your parents can never get you to eat may actually be one of the most beneficial health foods you can have.

When you cook broccoli by steaming and it can provide a special cholesterol-lowering benefit, this is because the fiber related components in the vegetable bind together with the bile acids in your digestive tract making them easier to be excreted and as a result of lowering your cholesterol. However, this only happens when the broccoli is steamed. Raw broccoli goes through the same cholesterol-lowering process when digested, but it is too a much lower level. But, hey steamed broccoli just taste better any ways. Another great benefit of broccoli is how well it aids your bodies detoxification process. Eating lots of the little green trees can help your body rid of unwanted contaminants.

Broccoli has remarkably high anti-inflammatory benefits, which also helps to lessen the impact of allergy related substances on our body. It can also help you solve a vitamin D deficiency. Though it doesn't contain large traces of vitamin D itself, the vitamins A and K supplies in the vegetable can help aid your body in metabolizing vitamin D. So, if you're taking supplements it might be a good idea to also add some broccoli into your recipes to help give the supplements an extra boost.

A very important thing to keep in mind of broccoli is you must cook it properly in order to reap all the benefits it has to offer. Overcooked broccoli can be soft and mushy which means it doesn't taste very good but more importantly that it's lost almost all of its nutritional value. A good rule of thumb is to cut the broccoli into quarters and steam for approximately 5 min.

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